History - Portneuf
Places in Portneuf: Cap-Santé, Neuville / Pointe-aux-Trembles, Grondines, St-Augustin, Deschambault, Les Écureuils, Ste-Catherine, St-Raymond, St-Basile, St-Casimir, St-Alban, Portneuf, Pont-Rouge, St-Ubald, Montauban, Rivière à Pierre, St-Gilbert, Ste-Christine, Lac-au Sable, St-Thuribe, St-Léonard

HISTORY: (from Pontbriand's marriage repertoire)

The current county of Portneuf draws its origin from six old seignories of New-France: that of Grondines or St-Charles of the Rocks (conceded on December 1, 1637), that of Deschambault or Chavigny (conceded on December 4, 1640), that of Portneuf (conceded on April 16, 1647 and set up as a barony in March 1681), that of St-Augustin or de Maure (conceded on September 18, 1647), that of Pointe-aux-Trembles or Neuville or Dombourg (conceded on December 15, 1653), and that of the Ecureuils or Bélair (conceded on November 3, 1672). It is indeed in six seigniories that will be attracted by the various lords, between 1637 & 1700, the pioneers and colonists who gave the day to the oldest parishes of what was to become the county of Portneuf: St-Augustin, Neuville, Les Ecureuils, Cap-Santé, Deschambault and Grondines. With time, it is of these parishes which all the others will come to be formed that we know today.
It is on August 17, 1829 that a law of the province of Lower Canada created the current county of Portneuf (9 George IV, CH LXXII) which replaced that of Hampshire formed on May 7, 1792.