Hemmingford Statistical Return - 1828

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Last edit: 2018-05-21

The Hemmingford Statistical Return for 1828 was transcribed by Gina Smith from National Archives of Canada Microfilm #C-2511 (pages 23846-23853). The signature of William Bowron, with the date August 1, 1828, is found at the end of the return.

The statistical return is broken into three sections: a section covering the Township of Hemmingford, another section covering the Crown Reserve Land in the township, and, lastly, the land between the Crown and Clergy Reserves.  Each of these sections is broken into two parts. The first part provides details about the land owner, the location of the lot, how the land was obtained, and how  many acres have been improved. The second part is similar to a "Head of Household" census, providing information about who resides on the property.

Statistical Return of the Township of Hemmingford -Part 1
Statistical Return of the Township of Hemmingford -Part 2
Statistical Return of the Crown Reserve in the Tsp Of Hemmingford -Parts 1 & Part 2
Statistical Return of Block of Land between the Crown & Clergy Reserves in Tsp of Hemm Surveyed & Laid Off in Lots of Ninety to One Hundred Acres by order of the Government - Parts 1 & 2

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